As a part of our business, we introduce independent directors who are actively involved in highly specialized fields of professional services. An independent director should be a person with a global background who can expand your company’s prospects. Specifically, he or she should have international business skills required to obtain multiple foreign investors, a high level of expertise and knowledge that include mastery in accounting and taxation matters, and an ability to analyze business figures.
As a retainer executive search firm for C-suite (C-Suite)*, we have been receiving many questions regarding independent directors and their recruitment.
We believe that reviewing the existing training, evaluation, and appointment methods of independent directors is an essential element for corporate growth. On top of that, introducing a new system may lead to further developments for many Japanese companies. This is the reason why we established JSEEDS (the Japan Consortium for Independent Directors) so that we can educate and support the hiring of independent directors. From our experienced international perspectives, we will introduce advisory board members and independent directors who would meet the SDGs criteria of foreign investors.
If you have any questions about independent director searches, educating future independent directors, or evaluating an advisory board or independent director team, please contact us via JSEEDS contact form.

*The C-suite includes CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and CIOs, all of whom are involved in corporate management.