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We are a trusted advisor
for leaders around the world

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We are a trusted advisor for leaders around the world

As your trusted advisor, We will run alongside leaders who face business challenges.

Executive Search for Global Companies

K&A helps you find and place experts through in-depth communications and strategic HR consulting.



Since the inception of Kaneko & Associates in 1998, we have been fully dedicated to pursuing the best possible resolution for each and every consulting assignment we are engaged in. Our dedication derives from the understanding that the mission of introducing the key professionals who would be the inspiration to your business; leaders who are flexible and open to changes in the workplace. Through our global network, mostly in the US, Japan, and China, Kaneko and Associates Japan has been searching for and met numerous outstanding professionals over the last 20 years.


Our business and daily lives are facing rapid transformations by emerging digital technologies and business models which have fundamental impact on the existing products and services offered in the industry. These innovative new technologies such as AI, Big Data, Blockchain, IoT, and Fintech are also causing the need for re-evaluation of “Top Leaders”.


As the business landscape changes, it is only natural that the quality of successful leaderships also needs to be redefined. In this new digitally disrupted environment, it is ever more important for leaders to be able to have a long-term clear vision, to adapt to new environment, and to show humility and a willingness to accept diverse inputs. Our task and goal are to connect these borderless professionals to you.


Kaneko & Associates (K&A) is an executive Consulting firm that specializes in finding talent with high-level expertise. Our special emphasis is on professional service and back office operation positions at the Partner/Principal and C-Suite Levels.
Since its establishment in 1998, K&A has built a strong reputation for excellence in executive consulting services for global firms from its base in California. In 2006, K&A opened an office in Tokyo to take advantage of our extensive network and technical expertise to provide timely service to clients in Japan, China, and other Asian countries.